BBFC launches new mobile and tablet version of CBBFC website for children

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has launched a new mobile and tablet version of their children’s website CBBFC in response to statistics about how the website is used.

Since the CBBFC website launched with a new design in September 2013, the BBFC found that 63% of the website’s visitors were accessing CBBFC from mobile (44%) or tablet (19%) devices.

The new mobile and tablet version of CBBFC uses familiar design icons from the desktop website to allow children and parents to navigate CBBFC easily using their mobile phone or tablet computer.

Lucy Brett, Head of Education at the BBFC said: "It's important for us to make sure that the growing numbers of adults and children accessing CBBFC using their mobile or tablet computer have the same efficient experience of accessing both age rating information and CBBFC interactive content as they do on the desktop site. The BBFC's primary roles are child protection and ensuring access to our age rating information is transparent and easy to understand. With parents increasingly relying on digital devices for day to day information and advice, and more and more children using tablet computers, making sure our information is displayed clearly and quickly on smaller screen formats is essential."

The CBBFC website for children includes a simplified version of the Film Classification Guidelines for children; activities like ‘Rate-A-Trailer’; and a section for adults, where parents of younger children can read about BBFC age ratings and find answers to frequently asked questions from other parents.