This is a trailer for Disney's new film. The film is set in Mexico and is set during the Day of the Dead holiday season, a celebration in which people remember their loved ones who have died. In the film, a boy is transported to the Land of the Dead where he meets his ancestors who help him return to the Land of the Living. The film is PG for mild threat and violence. Analyse the trailer and highlight the issues you spot.

Before making a decision about what age rating you would give the film, think about how the theme of death is treated. Do you think it would upset any very young children watching the film? Consider the use of colour – what affect do you think this has on the mood of the trailer? Are there any scary bits? How does the film present the characters who live in the Land of the Dead?

Before you make your decision about what rating you would give the trailer, remember that trailers do not always get the same rating as the feature films they are advertising.  If you rate a trailer U, it may be seen by very young audiences and must be suitable for everyone.

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