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Encanto is Disney’s 60th film following a whole range of family favourites like The Lion King, Mulan and Frozen. Have you seen lots of Disney films? Which is your favourite?


Disney’s Encanto tells the tale of a magical family called the Madrigals. They live in the mountains of Colombia in an enchanting place called Encanto. All of the family have very special gifts - some can speak to animals, while others have super strength! - except their daughter Mirabel. But when the magic that holds the family together begins to fall apart, Mirabel must do what she can to save her family...

The trailer for Encanto is, like many trailers for Disney films, really fun - there are lots of bright colours, upbeat musical numbers and lots of funny moments. But do you think the whole trailer is like this? Are there any moments that are darker or scary? If so, what impact do you think this could have any young kids watching it? Do you think the trailer is suitable for very young children or do you think it’s best for kids aged 8+? 

Watch the trailer carefully, see what issues you can find and think about what age rating you’d give it. Remember that our PG age rating is for films and TV series that are best suited for kids aged 8+.

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