Ferdinand is a children's animated feature set in Spain. It is about a friendly and good-natured bull who is mistaken for being dangerous by a matador who buys him in the hope of using him in the bullring. After learning the truth about bull fighting, Ferdinand embarks on an escape mission with other animals, in order to return home. 

The film is U for mild threat and very mild bad language, but only after the BBFC asked for cuts. The distributer of the film – 20th Century Fox – was asked to remove scenes of dangerous behaviour, remove a use of mild bad language and reduce scenes of threat in order for the film to get a U rating. 

Before you make your decision about what rating you would give the trailer, remember that trailers do not always get the same rating as the feature films they are advertising. 

Watch the trailer and decide which age rating you would give it, taking notes of the issues you spot, so that you can compare them with a Compliance Officer's report.

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