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This is DreamWorks Animation's eighth film to become a franchise. A franchise is a collection of films that all share the same characters or exist in the same world. You might have seen some of DreamWorks' other films like Shrek, Trolls and The Croods!


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The Boss Baby 2: Family Business

The Boss Baby is back! Baby Corp needs the Boss Baby’s help again for another super important mission.

Have you seen the first film in this film series (otherwise known as a ‘film franchise’)? If so, the characters and the world of The Boss Baby 2 will probably be really familiar to you. You’ll probably know that the film isn’t going to be scary or romantic, but rather funny and full of slapstick action.

Do you think it makes a difference to how some viewers will watch the trailer of The Boss Baby 2 if they haven’t seen the first film? Is there anything that could surprise them in this trailer? Remember that the first film was rated U with ratings info very mild comic threat, rude humour. 

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