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The House With A Clock In Its Walls

Analyse and rate this trailer for a new feature film based on a best-selling book about a haunted house. The film is rated 12A and contains moderate threat and scary scenes. Other trailers for the film have been passed at 12A and at U. This trailer has been submitted to the BBFC with a PG request.

Highlight the issues you spot, make a recommendation and then compare your notes and decision with notes from a BBFC Compliance Officer.

Consider the setting of the story and how realistic the action appears. Also think about the tone of the trailer – how is it likely to leave an audience feeling? Are there moments of comedy? Do the scenes in which supernatural creatures appear contain any strong detail?

Remember that, although the trailer is based on a book you may have read, you are rating the trailer for an audience who may not be familiar with the setting or the storyline. It is also important to remember that trailers come unbidden to audiences who may have elected to see a very different kind of film, such as a costume drama or a romantic comedy.

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