This is a trailer for the newest film in the fun-filled animation series, Toy Story. This is the fourth adventure for Woody, Buzz and friends who go on a mission to rescue a new toy, Forky, after he falls out a car window. 

Watch the trailer and make a note of any issues that you think a BBFC Compliance Officer (this is what we call a person who watches and rates the films) will have noticed. 

While watching the trailer think about whether the fact that the film is an animation makes a difference to the rating? Does it matter that a lot of people, especially children, will know who these characters are already? Do you think the trailer is funny and, if so, how does it make you feel when watching it? These are the kinds of questions that BBFC Compliance Officers think about when watching films and trailers.

When you’ve made all your notes, think about what age rating you’d give the trailer and compare it with a Compliance Officer by clicking below. 

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