BBFC takes part in first National Youth Film Festival from 21 October – 08 November

The BBFC is introducing films and holding interactive discussions about film classification for children and young people across the UK as part of the very first National Youth Film Festival.

The National Youth Film Festival is a UK wide celebration of film and education, especially for schools and youth groups, and aims to help educators to engage with and bring learning to life for 5-19 year olds.

Lucy Brett, Head of Education at the BBFC said: "By giving young people and children hands-on experience of film classification and the opportunity to ask us questions about age ratings in a face to face session, we aim to help them be able to apply what they read about age ratings to real life scenarios and really empower them to make informed choices about what films they choose to watch at home, at the cinema and online. The new National Youth Film Festival has a fantastic reach across the UK and we're delighted to be part of its engaging and inspiring programme that really gives children and young people the inside track about films and the wider industry."

The BBFC is holding events in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leicester, London, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield and Warwick. Films to be screened and discussed include HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA (U), DESPICABLE ME 2 (U), PIRATES! IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS (U), PITCH PERFECT (12A), THE BLING RING (15), FRANCES HA (15) and MY BROTHER THE DEVIL (15).

The BBFC education department regularly attends festivals in addition to its own programme of events and school seminars. In 2012 the BBFC visited over 140 schools, colleges, universities and film festivals, involving over 12,000 students of all ages and parents.

The National Youth Film Festival aims to inspire young people to watch, make and use film in new and creative ways that support their education and personal development, all while building a lifelong passion for film. As part of the BFI's Education Scheme, the festival is supported by new film education industry organisation FILM NATION UK and industry partners including Cinema First, and is delivered by the National Schools Partnership. FILM NATION UK builds on the work of leading film education charities FILMCLUB and First Light.