Biggest ever CBBFC event with the Into Film Festival

The BBFC Education team travel the UK to talk to people, including thousands of children, about the age ratings. Last year we spoke to our largest ever audience ever – over 800 children and young people in one room. 

Some of our biggest events are organised with the education charity Into Film, who run the Into Film Festival and other events. For one event, a screening of the Disney film Big Hero 6 we spoke to an enormous audience of 835 young people at Fairfields Hall, Croydon. 

In total during 2015 we saw over 10,000 people including primary school children, and also home-learners, parents, students, grown-ups, people who work making in film and TV production, staff in cinemas, and teenagers studying for A levels or BTECs. We travelled to eighty different places including schools, colleges, cinemas, film festivals and libraries. 

Lucy Brett, the BBFC Head of Education explained: 'We travelled in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland talking about the BBFC age ratings for cinema, DVD and Blu-ray as well as our other work, such as giving age ratings to films and other material online, such as music videos, and our website and apps we make for children and parents. Talking about BBFC age ratings helps us show children and grown-ups how to be informed and confident when choosing what to watch for themselves and each other. It's really valuable for us to make sure we speak to learners all over the country so we can understand what is important for them when they go to the cinema. That's why we also speak to the public every four years to update our Classification Guidelines, making sure our age rating decisions reflect what parents and young people are concerned about when watching films and other material at home or online'.

If your teachers are interested in booking a BBFC session they can contact us via the grown-ups section of this website. We also offer Skype calls so we can talk to children, young people and their teachers via the internet.