CBBFC promotes your rights online with iRights

The BBFC works with a number of organisations to protect children online. Though the BBFC was set up to age rate cinema films and then videos, we now provide ratings for some films, TV and other videos online. We also work with mobile phone companies to help them decide which websites are suitable for children.

The five iRights are listed here and include the right to remove edit or change material you have placed online, the right to know how information about you is stored or used by a website and the right to safety and support online.

The BBFC is listed alongside several other organisations and individuals who support the iRights coalition. This means we are committed to making sure children are safe and protected and respected online. You can see all the supporters of iRights here

They include experts on children, young people and the media like Baroness Kidron (iRights Founder) and Sonia Livingstone OBE (Department of Media and Communications London School of Economics and Political Science), and charities such as Barnardo's, NSPCC and UNICEF. 

The five iRights are based on research with school children and the Girlguiding UK. They will be updated as iRights continues to ask young people what they think and how they want to be treated online.

More information about iRights and how they apply to this website can be found here on our page about protecting children online.

Do you have any questions or concerns about what you have seen online either on this site or anywhere else?

If there is anything on this site which has worried you please contact us and tell us by emailing us education@bbfc.co.uk

If there is anything you have seen anywhere else online that worries or upsets you can contact organisations such as Internet Matters, which has links to many organisations that can help, or contact iRights coalition members Childline or the NSPCC directly.