CBBFC Supports Character Awards

We are pleased to support the second Character Awards this year. Set up in 2015 by the Department of Education, the part of government which oversees how children and young people learn, the awards celebrate schools and groups that do particularly well at helping children and young people fulfil their potential. The awards will praise schools that help children learn well, but also encourage pupils to contribute to society in a positive way.

One of the prizes for this year's Character Awards is visit from the BBFC education team, which we can tailor to the interests of the winning class or youth group. BBFC Head of Education Lucy Brett said:

'We are very happy to support the Character Awards 2016. One of the BBFC's main aims is to ensure children and young people are able to make safe and informed choices about the films they watch at home and at the cinema. Our education work with schools, colleges and youth groups encourage children, parents and teachers, to be confident consumers and to consider how they make choices for themselves and others.'

To enter the Character Awards, teachers and youth leaders should show how their school or group, encourages young people's perseverance, resilience and grit, as well as their confidence, optimism, conscientiousness, curiosity and focus. The awards also recognise and celebrate motivation, drive and ambition, neighbourliness and community spirit, alongside tolerance, respect, honest, integrity and dignity. More information about entering the awards can be found here on the Department of Education website.

The Department of Education explained "Examples of ways schools and groups encourage strong characters can be found in the classroom and on the playground, as well as in the ways schools and groups work with their local communities."

The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, said: "Schools and organisations across the country are doing excellent work to promote positive character traits in pupils – and I want the best to come forward and apply to the character awards scheme."