Film the House Competition

Are you a student interested in film making? You've got less than a month to enter the Film the House competition!

What is the competition about?

Film the House is a competition run by MPs to find the filmmakers of the future. It also raises awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property (IP) rights among creators, legistlators and the general public. Entries are submitted to your local MP so the competition gives Parliamentarians an opportunity to engage with a grass-roots creative demographic and provides the creative community with a vehicle through which to communicate their issues to legislators. We will classify all the winning films, meaning your entry could be in a with a chance of getting it's very own age rating and Black Card!

Categories for entry

  • Best Film Script– under 16

  • Best Film Script – 16 and over

  • Directors UK Best Film Direction – under 16

  • Directors UK Best Film Direction – 16 and over

  • Best Short Film  – under 16

  • Best Short Film – 16 and over

Head to the Film the House competition website for all the entry details.

Younger than 17?
Before showing your film, we will need consent to be given from your parent or guardian by way of a ‘release form’ for your contribution to the film. If you’re shortlisted then we’ll ask to see a signed copy of this before the winners’ ceremony.

When's the deadline?

You have until Thursday 19 December to enter.

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