Picturehouse Cinema Kids Club activities

The BBFC’s education staff work with lots of other companies and organisations in the film industry.

This summer we created activities for kids to play with their grandparents and parents when going to Picturehouse Cinema Kids Clubs. Kids had to match up the age rating symbol (the letter or number like A, AA, H, 12A, 15) with the definition.

You can download the brochure below and see if you can match up the symbols.

We also made sure that kids and their parents knew what, how and why each film on the summer programme had been age rated, by publishing the BBFCinsight for each film. Parents can find out more about BBFCinsight, and all the new releases on this site have the BBFCinsight for you to read.

Saturday morning films

Kids Club screenings are children’s films shown on a Saturday morning at Picturehouse cinemas. 

BBFC Examiners have introduced screenings at Kids Club events before – in summer 2012 we visited over 20 cinemas to show kids and their parents clips and trailers and talk about age ratings in the UK.