We’ve given a U rating to the Hopster TV and learning app

This week we awarded a U classification to Hopster, a TV and learning app for children aged 2-6.

The Hopster app lets you watch more than 1000 episodes of preschool TV shows and play fun learning games. All TV shows and games on Hopster are classified U using the same Classification Guidelines we use to rate the films you watch at the cinema or on DVDs or Blu-ray.

This is the first time we have classified an app. We’ve been classifying films and TV programmes for video-on-demand platforms since 2008 and now more than thirty video-on-demand platforms, film studios and other online services, use BBFC age ratings for their film and TV programmes online.

When we reviewed our Classification Guidelines last year, we talked to more than 10,000 people and lots of them said they wanted more help to make sure their children don’t watch film or TV programmes online that are too mature for them. Age rating the Hopster app shows how BBFC age ratings can help parents make sure children are watching films and TV programmes online that are right for their age group.

Hopster is available for download in the Apple Store. It has a monthly subscription fee which lets you see new TV programmes every week and all of it is classified U. Anything classified U should be suitable for children aged four years or older. If we think a film or TV programme is suitable for children younger than four, we’ll mention this in the BBFCinsight, which parents can find by searching for the film or TV programme on the BBFC website. BBFCinsight lets parents find out how and why a film or TV programme was rated at any given category.

Remember to always ask permission before downloading an app to your iPad.