This is a trailer for a new animated film from the studio that made THE LEGO MOVIE. The film has been passed at U for mild slapstick and very mild bad language. How would you rate this trailer? Who do you think it is suitable for? Watch the trailer, make some notes about the issues you see, if there are any, and how it makes you feel. Then decide on the age rating you would give it and click through to compare your notes with a Compliance Officer's thoughts.

Remember that trailers do not always get the same rating as the feature films they are advertising. This is because the viewing experience of trailers is different – when people watch films in the cinema the may have chosen to see a very different film with completely different themes and issues. If a trailer is a U, there may be very young children in the audience. Is this trailer too strong for that sort of audience or does it involve no issues like to offend or harm anyone?

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