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Remember, Beatrix Potter wrote Peter Rabbit as a children's book and lots of families are already familiar with the characters. When thinking about this trailer, do you think Peter Rabbit and his friends behave in a way that people will expect?


Based on the popular stories by Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit 2 is a new adventure which sees Peter Rabbit encounter new friends when he travels beyond Mr McGregor’s garden.

The first film in the series - Peter Rabbit - was released in 2018 and we rated it PG for mild threat and comic violence. This latest film in the series is rated U for mild comic violence, very mild threat and rude humour. It’s not unusual for different films in the same series - or franchise - to be rated differently - this is because we rate every film individually. We also rate trailers for films individually, even when there’s lots of trailers being released for the same film! And it’s not uncommon that trailers get different ratings to the films they’re advertising, or even to each other! 

Now that you know that Peter Rabbit 2 is rated U, you need to decide whether the trailer should be rated at the same level, or whether it requires a higher rating - over to you!

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