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The character Mario has appeared in over 200 video games!


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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Straight from your Nintendos and onto the big screen, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a new, fast-paced animated adventure from Universal Pictures. The famous moustachioed brothers - Mario and Luigi - are sucked away from their everyday lives as plumbers in Brooklyn and are plunged (get it?) into the magical Mushroom Kingdom. There, they go on a wild technicolour journey to save the world from a fire-breathing villain called Bowser.

Cinema-goers young and old might be familiar with the world of Super Mario Brothers from the popular video game franchise and so the action-packed sequences, colourful characters and forever-moving obstacles might come as no surprise. But remember, audiences generally don’t know what trailers they may see before their chosen film, so it’s therefore important that we think carefully about what’s in them. Do you think that there is anything that might upset very young children if they see the trailer on a big cinema screen?

Try to think like one of our Compliance Officers and see what key themes and issues you can identify in this trailer. Then, use our classification system to assign the trailer with one of the age rating symbols below. Let’s-a go!

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