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7 family-friendly musical films

If you're looking for a fun, sing-along film for your next movie night, we've compiled a list of seven of our favourite musical titles from the last 10 years. There's something for everyone!

Mary Poppins Returns

very mild threat

Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel in which Mary Poppins returns to the Banks family decades after she acted as their nanny. There are references to bereavement but these are sensitively and reassuringly handled.

Threat and horror

There is very mild threat when an animated wolf captures a little boy. However, the scene is brief and the boy soon wakes up safe in his bed. There is also breif tension when a boy is almost swept away by strong winds while flying a kite.


There are references to a family losing their mother, but this is sensitively handled.

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

mild threat

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile a US musical comedy in which a boy moves to the city with his family and befriends a singing crocodile living in their attic.

threat and horror

There are occasional intense moments of threat, such as a man attempting to steal a boy's phone, as well as a crocodile snapping its jaws at a man cornered in a zoo enclosure. These moments are brief and end reassuringly, with other scenes of threat involving fantastical elements, most notably a singing crocodile. In one scene, the crocodile is tasered and then sedated before Wildlife Control take him away to a zoo. Another scene involves the crocodile swallowing a pet cat whole, before spitting it back out moments later. There are also chase sequences on foot and in motor vehicles, but these are brief and comic, without resulting in serious injury. A boy experiences some anxiety when commuting through New York City and in one scene suffers a panic attack. However, the boy receives immediate medical help, as well as continued comfort and encouragement from his family.

Scenes of very mild rude humour involve animals flatulating and a cat with the runs. Comic violence consists of brief bouts of wrestling and undetailed references to a man's run-ins with loan sharks. A boy is picked on by older students on his first day at a new school, but this behaviour is portrayed negatively. There is infrequent use of very mild bad language ('God'). There are also moments of emotional upset when characters are separated from one another.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

mild sex references

Five years after the original film, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again sees Sophie prepare for the grand opening of the Hotel Bella Donna, in memory of her mother. Bereavement is handled sensitively but some sex references may be unsuitable for the very young.


There is some very mild bad language, such as 'hell' and 'damn'.

Threat and horror

There are some brief moments of mild threat, including a horse being disturbed by a storm, causing it to pull down the beam to which it's attached.


A woman exclaims, "Be still my beating vagina", after meeting a handsome man. A man makes a reference to his 'first time' and another man is described as having a "wandering eye and restless groin". Couples are infrequently shown lying in bed together after it is implied they've had sex. No sex is shown.

Alcohol and tobacco

Adult characters drink alcohol.


There are some references to bereavement, in particular the main character's mother having died, but these are discreet and handled sensitively.

The Greatest Showman

brief mild threat, violence

The Greatest Showman is a musical dramatisation of the story of P T Barnum as he creates his circus show in 19th century New York. Some scenes of mild threat and violence may scare very young children.


Scenes of violence include bar brawls and punches being exchanged.

Threat and horror

Scenes of mild threat include people running out of a burning building. A man runs back into the building to rescue someone. He escapes with mild injuries just as it collapses, having saved the person's life.


There is some very mild bad language, such as 'God', as well as use of derogatory term 'spook'.


A character refers to herself as being born "out of wedlock".

Injury detail

A man is seen to have some burns following a fire.

Alcohol and tobacco

Adult characters drink alcohol. One musical number is centred around excessive drinking.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical

mild threat, comic violence

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical, based on the classic book, is emotional, comic and uplifting. There are scary moments, as well as some upsetting scenes involving abusive behaviour, which could be upsetting for younger children.


Mild comic violence includes a headteacher swings one of her students around by the hair before throwing her over a wall. In one scene she stretches a boy's ears in a fantastical manner. She also throws a school boy into a bin.

Threat and horror

There are scenes of threat in which a girl's neglectful parents are verbally cruel to her. In one scene the child's father pushes her to the floor of her bedroom. In another scene a girl lies on a cellar floor after being locked there by her aunt. During a flashback it is implied a woman is about to hit a child. Fantastical scenes which take place at a circus depict an acrobat with dynamite strapped to her body. There are also scenes in which a pantomime-esqe villainous headteacher threatens to imprison her students in tiny cells with metal spikes.


There is very mild bad language ('hell').


A father who was hoping his newborn would be a boy is disappointed by the baby's lack of a "winky dink". He later behaves in a sexist manner towards his daughter, referring to her as a boy.

Rude humour

There is rude humour, such as fart and burp jokes.

Dangerous behaviour

There is dangerous behaviour in which a child dances on a roof during a musical number. She also plays tricks on her father, such as putting glue into his hat to make it stick to his head

Beauty And The Beast

mild violence, threat

Beauty And The Beast is a live action version of the classic Disney animation in which a woman is imprisoned in an enchanted castle.


A character is knocked unconscious with a heavy punch to the face, then tied to a tree and left for wolves. However, he is later rescued. There is mild fantasy violence in a battle sequence in which an angry mob clashes with magical characters, and in a fight scene that includes several kicks and punches. A character shoots another three times in the back, but there is no blood or injury detail on screen, and the victim survives.

Threat and horror

Scenes of mild threat include two sequences in which characters are chased and attacked by wolves. In several brief scenes, people are frightened by another character's physical appearance and threatening behaviour. It is later revealed that this character is not dangerous.

There is a potentially upsetting scene in which a character experiences a flashback vision of her mother, who was killed by the plague. In the vision, the mother has some dark spots on her face, and is attended by a plague doctor wearing a beaked mask.

Into The Woods

mild violence, threat

Into The Woods is a musical fantasy about a couple who agree to do a witch's bidding in the hope of her lifting an age old curse that prevents them from having a child.


Occasional violence includes scenes in which a woman cuts off parts of her two adult daughters' feet so they can squeeze into some shoes. One of the daughters loses a toe and the other part of a heel; the two women scream in pain and one of them faints, although the actual violence takes place off-screen. A wolf is stabbed in the stomach to set free a girl and her grandmother, whom he has eaten; the stabbing occurs off-screen and the two victims emerge unharmed. A giant is also killed by a boy, who throws a coin that strikes its forehead. There are some other deaths, but these generally occur off-screen.

Threat and horror

There are several scenes in which the characters are threatened by seen and unseen forces. Giants with loud booming voices threaten various characters, shaking trees and the ground with heavy footsteps. A wolf in human form also menaces a young girl. One of the main characters is a witch who occasionally briefly threatens various characters.

There is one use of very mild bad language ('God').