Film ratings

Content advice on CBBFC

Parents and children often tell us they want to know more about why films received their age rating. We've added more information to the new releases on CBBFC and for films which you can search for on this site.

Content advice on CBBFC lets you know why a film received a particular classification, giving extra information about scary or sad scenes, and any other issues. It is published ten days before a film comes out and gives examples from the film. Sometimes it contains spoilers.

The content advice on CBBFC is edited for children under 12. If the description of any classification issue has been adapted for CBBFC (e.g examples of bad language or imitable techniques have been removed) we will direct adults to the main BBFC website and free Apps to find these.

You can find content advice on CBBFC for films classified U, PG and 12A at the cinema, or 12 on DVD/Blu-ray or online, since 2013.  If you have any trouble finding a film or you would like content advice and other information about U, PG or 12A rated films please email us at to request it. We aim to have new requests up within 10 days.

Content advice helps children and their parents, to choose films, DVDs or Video-On-Demand content that’s right for them, and any friends or family they might want to watch it with.

You can access CBBFC on mobile and tablet devices, as well as tablets and desktops.