PG films can be viewed by all ages, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.

Children of any age may watch a PG rated film or DVD, with or without an adult. A PG film should not worry a child aged eight or older so BBFC Compliance Officers are thinking of eight year olds when they decide about the rating and how strong the issues are.

A PG tells parents that the content of the film may upset younger or more sensitive children.


Nothing in any film or DVD should break the law. Compliance Officers sometimes suggest films are given a higher rating or even cut if there is anything which could be harmful.

The tone of a work, how it makes an audience feel, is very important. At PG, Compliance Officers do think about what children of around eight might know about already, what might scare or upset them, and how they might react to different sorts of characters and scenes.

The lasting impression the film gives the people watching it is still very important at PG, even if children of around eight are used to more complicated or intense stories than much younger children.

Age rating issues for PG

•  Theme/Topics - Films and DVDs may be about more grown up topics such as crime, racism, bullying or violence in the home. There must be nothing which suggests these are good things.

•  Language - Mild bad language only.

 Nudity - Some nudity is allowed, but not if it is linked to romantic activities.

•  Sex and relationships - Sex can be mentioned, suggested or joked about, but only discreetly.

•  Violence and threat - There can be stronger violence than at U, but without detail. Violence which takes place in a comedy, fantasy, or historical film may be treated less strictly.

•  Dangerous Behaviour - There should be no detail of fighting techniques or other harmful and dangerous activities that children might easily copy.

•  Weapons - There should be no focus on weapons that are realistic or easy to get hold of. Weapons should not be made to look attractive.

•  Horror - Frightening scenes should not be too long or scary. Scary scenes which are part of a fantasy film may be treated less strictly.

•  Drugs - There should be no mention of illegal drugs or drug taking unless completely harmless, or the film carries an anti-drug message.

•  Discrimination - There can be no language or behaviour shown that would offend a person’s religion, colour, gender, sexuality or disability, unless the film or DVD teaches it to be wrong or is presented within a film that is educational or showing historical scenes. Discrimination by a character who is seen as a hero by the audience is also unlikely to be allowed.