Film ratings

Celebrating our animal friends!

It's hard to deny that we are a nation of pet lovers so, to celebrate, we've put together a list of films to watch in honour of all pets - featuring cats, dogs, and even tortoises! All of these films are rated either U or PG, so they're perfect to watch with your little ones.

The Secret Life Of Pets

mild action, rude humour

The Secret Life Of Pets is an animated comedy about two pet dogs who embark on an adventure through New York when they find out that an angry bunny is scheming against humans.


Mild action sequences show characters running away from various baddies, such as dog catchers and cats.

A fluffy bunny beats up a person. There are a couple of comic fight scenes between animals. There is mild threat from snakes.

There is a scene in which characters are trapped in a van which is sinking into the water, but they are quickly saved.


Rude humour includes a few jokes about poo.


Contains very mild language and slapstick violence

A Dog's Journey

mild threat, emotional scenes

A Dog's Journey is a comedy drama sequel in which a reincarnated dog tries to support a young girl into adulthood.


A teenage boy roughly grabs a teenage girl's arm, tearing her sweater, and later tries to chase her down in a car, causing a crash. The threat is brief and mild, and there is no visible blood or injury detail.


There are mild scenes of emotional upset when characters, both dog and human, pass away. The overall tone is uplifting, however.

There is a brief and discreet scene of drug dealing at a teen party. Other scenes feature infrequent, mild references to child neglect and alcoholism, as well as brief references to cancer. Other issues include occasional very mild bad language ('butt') and rude humour.

The Queen's Corgi

mild innuendo, threat, dangerous behaviour

The Queen's Corgi is an animated comedy adventure in which the Queen's new puppy becomes her favourite dog, but a jealous rival plots to drive it away.


There is mild comic innuendo as a female dog attempts to flirt with a male dog, making comments such as 'Take me, stud muffin', 'Want to play rough?' and 'Playing hard to get?'.

Threat and horror

There is mild threat when a dog is pushed into a river and struggles to come to the surface, and in another scene a dog is trapped in a chimney as it tries to escape from a burning room. A large dog chases a smaller one which is then cornered near the entrance of a furnace. In all these cases, the danger in which the animal characters find themselves is resolved without harm or injury occurring.

Dangerous behaviour

In a comic scene a dog climbs into a washing machine which it uses as an improvised treadmill for fitness training. In another scene, a dog uses its head to smash a glass pane in order to access fire-fighting equipment.

There is very mild bad language ('fluff me', 'dammit', 'damn'), as well as very mild rude humour with visual and verbal jokes about farting and peeing.

Roald Dahl's Esio Trot

mild bad language, mild innuendo

Roald Dahl's Esio Trot is a comedy drama, based on a children's novel, about a shy elderly man's attempts to woo his tortoise-loving widowed neighbour.


The film contains mild bad language ('arse', 'bloody') and very mild bad language ('God', damn').


There is mild innuendo in dialogue delivered by a man anticipating success in his wooing of a woman, as he says: 'Is that wedding bells I hear? Or just the squeak of bedsprings?'. There is also a brief shot of two tortoises mating.

There is also a reference to a character being mugged, a comic scene in which an adult character almost falls from a balcony, and a character mistaking a bowl of tortoise droppings for 'nibbles' and eating them.

Marley & Me

Contains one scene of mild violence, mild sex references and language

Marley & Me is US drama about a couple's life with their pet dog, who follows their experiences as they build a family and their careers.


In one sequence, a neighbour is revealed to have been stabbed by an assailant because she screamed for help after he threatened her. She is seen clutching her side over a dark stain on her T-shirt, as she is comforted while waiting for the police arrive.


Sex references are mild and infrequent as characters euphemistically describe the mechanics of having a baby.


Mild bad language is infrequent, and includes 'crap', 'jerk' and 'son of a bitch'.

There are some emotional scenes as the family confront the mortality of their pet.


Contains mild threat and scary moments

Bolt is an animated children's film about a dog that thinks it's a superhero.


Occasional scenes of mild threat see the protagonist and other characters pursued by a menacing private army across the United States. Scenes of threat are not prolonged and the heroes emerge unscathed. One scene also features a security guard use pepper spray against another security guard.

There is occasional use of very mild bad language, including 'butt, 'moron' and 'freaking out'.