Coming together as a family is more important than ever, that's why we've put together some movie activity packs, which you and your family can use before you grab some popcorn and a blanket, head to the sofa, and throw a good old fashioned movie night.

The packs contain everything you need to set up a fun film night, which is suitable for all the family. They include film suggestions, along with information about the age rating and ratings info. They also include fun, film related activity sections for the kids - and some discussion points at the end, so when the credits roll, you can have a discussion as a family about what you’ve all just seen. So get stuck in and enjoy the movie! 

Download our Lego Movie movie pack

Download our Song of the Sea movie pack

Download The King's Speech movie pack

Download our Spectre movie pack

Download our Inside Out movie pack

Download our Life as a Courgette movie pack

Download our My Neighbour Totoro movie pack

Download our Star Wars Prequels movie pack

Download our Star Wars Sequels movie pack