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BBFC's Cartoon Princess and Prince Quiz

Cartoon Princess and Prince Quiz

Prince Eric or Prince Hans? Cinderella or Moana? We grow up watching cartoon princes and princesses on our screens - but how much do you really know about the classification of the films they appear in?

Question 1:

Which of the following live-action Disney remakes carries the highest BBFC rating?

Question 2:

Which 1998 U-rated animation features a ‘Prince’ in its title and carries the content advice: ‘occasional frightening moments’?

Question 3:

True or False: All theatrical feature length films featuring Princess Fiona, from Shrek, are rated U.

Question 4:

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs is the earliest Disney feature and the first ever full length animation film to be classified by the BBFC in 1937. What did we rate it?

Question 5:

Princess Unikitty, a unicorn-horned cat, is the ruler of Cloud Cuckoo Land. She has appeared in which U-rated animated franchise, known for its humour and animation style?

Question 6:

Which one of these princes appears in the Disney animated film with the highest BBFC classification?

Question 7:

Princess Bubblegum is one of the main protagonists in which 12-rated cartoon series?

Question 8:

Which PG-rated film, featuring the 11th official Disney Princess, carries the following note in the BBFC content advice: The film also contains a few moments of mild rude behaviour, such as a Scotsman baring his behind by lifting his kilt. In another scene a group of clansmen walk away from the screen with bare behinds after using their kilts to create a climbing rope.

Question 9:

True or False: Frozen and Frozen II were both classified U by the BBFC.

Question 10:

True or False: The first theatrical release of Mulan was cut for U in 1998.