This is where you get the chance to be a Film & Video Compliance Officer!


Choose a trailer to rate by clicking on one of the links below. Follow the instructions to watch the trailer, note the issues in the tick boxes and make your recommendation. You can then click through to compare your ideas to the report written by a BBFC Compliance Officer.

Will you give the trailer a U, a PG or a 12A? Remember to download our Guidelines or open our Guidelines pages to help you make your decision, just as a BBFC Compliance Officer does.

As more film and video works are sent to us for an age rating via the internet, BBFC Compliance Officers are viewing more and more works on their laptops or computers, just like you are now.

Remember that trailers don’t always get the same rating as the film they are advertising, so try and think about exactly what you see in the trailer and who you think it is suitable for…