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Ever wondered what makes your all-time favourite film a PG? Perhaps you want to know more about the famous Black Card you see in the cinema at the start of a film?

Listen to our Compliance and Education Manager, Sarah, talk about why and how we give films age ratings, and why classification is so important to help you choose content well. After you watch the video have a go at testing your knowledge and see what you have learned!

So what have you learnt about the BBFC?

Take our quiz and find out

Question 1:

What are the BBFC age ratings?

Question 2:

What age rating did we give to Shaun The Sheep Movie?

Question 3:

What is the difference between the 12A and 12 age rating?

Question 4:

True or False: It's the law that all films you watch in the cinema in the UK have age ratings

Question 5:

How often do we update our guidelines?

Now you’re a BBFC expert, why not have a go at watching and age rating something for yourself? 

This is a trailer for the very first Horrible Histories film, Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans. No doubt you’ve seen the TV show or read the books and so, like you, many viewers seeing this in the cinema would have been familiar with the way in which this series focuses on the grisly and gross-out bits of history! 

Although we know that many people will know what to expect from this trailer, it’s also possible that some viewers may not be familiar with Horrible Histories, and so some of the ruder or sillier moments may come as a surprise. 

While you’re watching the trailer and deciding what age rating to give it, think about whether any of the jokes could shock people, especially parents with younger children. Also consider whether any of the violent moments are too strong or detailed for a junior (that’s a U or PG) age rating. 

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You're now ready to write your own age rating report

Remember to think about all the issues we mentioned in our video when watching your film before deciding on the age rating.