Christmas Carol Worksheets

Together with our friends at Into Film, we've produced a podcast and some lesson plans with some ideas about how you can watch the beloved festive tale A Christmas Carol with your class. Whether you're a fan of Scrooge (1951), the Muppet's Christmas Carol (1992), or Jim Carey's A Christmas Carol (2009) we talk about the classification and history of each film, and give you some discussion points and lesson ideas.

Our age ratings are a guide to the age-appropriateness of films, videos and material you may show your class from some online VOD services. We publish detailed information on all the films, videos and VOD episodes and films we rate, and this is available on our website and free BBFC app

We also have extensive educational resources, including two sets of lesson plans, designed specifically to help children navigate viewing material and choose well when confronted with complex decisions over what they should watch at home, in cinemas and online. We also create academic Case Studies on films with particularly interesting classification histories, and worksheets on films used for discussion in our partner work.  Here are some worksheets on films which featured in the BBFC and Into Film education podcasts, and our other collaborations with educational partners.

BBFC & Into Film Education Special: How to watch ‘A Christmas Carol’ with your class this Christmas