Our education team is passionate about engaging with younger children at an age where they are starting to choose their own viewing independently, especially at home. We've created two PSHE lesson plans about age ratings, with accompanying teacher guidance, written in collaboration with the PSHE Association.

We've collaborated with the PSHE Association to create Let's Watch a Film! Making choices about what to watch - two free and accredited lesson plans that come with comprehensive teacher guidance.

The lessons allow teachers and pupils to explore how and what they view, what the age ratings are, where they can find appropriate guidance and age ratings exist, within a safe and nurturing learning environment. They focus on key PSHE skills, ensuring pupils gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills to make informed viewing choices and to become resilient viewers. 

We hope that teachers use this vital support in guiding their pupils to make informed choices on what they watch, as well as providing pupils with the tools to walk away from the lessons with greater knowledge of BBFC ratings and an understanding of how what we watch affects us and the people around us. 

We are always keen on feedback so if you've used the resource and have any thoughts please do let us know at education@bbfc.co.uk

To read more about our free primary resource and download it please click here.